Hi! I ‘m Purple and I’m Nine…

Purple Isosceles

Hi! I’m Purple. It’s kind of embarrassing to have to introduce myself like this. I’m 10 years old. I like skateboarding and inventing things. I’m not as pretty and popular as my big sister, or as annoying and loud as my five-year-old twin brothers. It’s probably best if you look at the video below where Maya Rachmany talks about my character. My best friend is Nine, of course. She’ll be glad to tell you about herself.

Nine Helix

Hi! I’m Nine. Purple is modest. She is great at school, and she always knows how to get along well with the other kids. She’s also the best friend you could ever want. We hang out at her house a lot because my mom comes home pretty late, plus, I’d rather hang out with Purple than do just about anything else. I really care about animals, and helping people and solving problems like global warming. Purple is a great partner for inventing things to solve the problems I discover. I love bright colors and have a pet turtle. Check out the video below where Liat Shapiro talks about my character.

Purple and Nine

How do I get Purple and Nine episodes?

The first episode of Purple and Nine is coming out in January 2014, and we’ll need your help to produce the next ones.

We have scripts and story ideas for an entire season of 12 episodes, but we have the budget for the initial episode only.

So here’s the plan:

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  3. Thanks. When the episode comes out, you’ll be the first to know. Not like THE first; everyone on the list will be the “firsts.”
  4. When you see and love the episode, share it with everyone you know!!!
  5. After a week or two, we’ll send you another mail, asking you to pledge to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
  6. Every episode that comes out, you’ll be informed.
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The Indiegogo campaign will fund us for the first season, and we expect to be able to become a real business with real income over that time period so we can make the next season on our own.


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