The Lament of Leslie Loser:
 Purple and Nine Volume 1 Issue 3

Why are the kids calling Leslie a loser? Why isn’t she eating her lunch? Something seems very, very wrong with Purple and Nine’s friend.Purple and Nine are two girls who use technology to solve problems both at home and with kids they meet overseas. Can they help Pyjama Boy stay awake? Can Purple and Nine help before the name-calling gets worse? Can they help their friends in the rainforest see better at night without hurting the environment and their health with gas-burning lamps and stoves?  Purple and Nine is a comic book designed to inspire kids to break stereotypes, solve problems, and show the relevance of technology for their own lives. Both kids and parents can enjoy the adventures of Purple and Nine.

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The Purple and Nine Comic book is available in PDF and e-reader format. When you purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF that you can read on any device that supports PDF format or a .mobi format that works with any e-reader.