Gangly Sister is currently building its team. You must be absolutely passionate about changing how girls are portrayed in the media and inspiring more girls to dream about careers in technology, STEM and entrepreneurship.

We expect you to follow the instructions below when you apply.

Requirements for all applicants…

All candidates must align with our values: Audacious vision, Laughter, Impeccable honesty, Outrageous creativity, Generosity and Persistence.  You should be the kind of person who is more inclined to be straightforward than polite. For example, we say “non-white” instead of “ethnically diverse”. That’s because we are white. If we were Indian, we’d have to say “non-Indian” in order to get an ethically diverse team. Get it? Not very polite but absolutely clear. You also need a sense of humor. Duh. We are making cartoons for children. If you are offended by this paragraph, you might not love working with us.

As you can see on our team page, we are seasoned and experienced business people. We value attitude above skills, as we can provide training if you are missing some of the skills needed. We are flexible about location and hours. Part-time and full-time are available for all positions. We don’t care where in the world you are located, as long as you have cohesive English, a fast internet connection and can use Skype and Google Hangouts.

We want women and different cultural perspectives on our team! If you aren’t quite qualified but you are female or non-white, please apply anyway. Your attitude and energy are more important to us than your resume. If you are a dude, you are qualified to apply if you have at least one biological parent who is female.

You’ll note that we haven’t given standard titles for the jobs listed. We’re flexible about that and will assign appropriate titles according to your skills, ego, and what looks good on our team page.

How to apply

Send e-mail to


  • 1-2 paragraphs about why we’d love working together.
  • A link to your relevant professional profile and portfolio (LinkedIn, DeviantArt, etc.) Attachments are OK, but we think it’s a bit weird not to have an online resume. We strongly prefer a link.
  • (optional) Any other relevant links, social media sites, achievements or samples you think we’d like.

If you fail to follow these instructions or can’t be bothered to read the information above, you probably aren’t the right fit.

Open positions

Comic book artist: Yep, Purple and Nine are coming out soon in digital cartoons. Er, if we can hire you, that is. This is initially a paid project-based gig. If we love working together, it will become an ongoing position. You will be working with our CTO and scriptwriters to figure out the best way to convert the 3D Maya characters (Purple & Nine) to digital comic form and be responsible for all of the artwork. We prefer you to have experience in 3D animation tools and be open to looking at some alternative methods to creating digital comics.

Creative writers: We are always looking for scriptwriters for video, books and comics, as well as story writers for games. Project based

Game / app product lead: Purple and Nine will reach girls through games and apps. You’ll be responsible for creating games and apps that can be used by girls, starting from creating MVP, working with small groups of girls to hone the product, and doing alpha and beta tests. You’ll have full support and resources from our creative team. You’ll have product design, interface and/or coding skills. You’ll be able to bring in and manage people with the required skills if you don’t have them yourself (We can train you in management skills if needed). This is a co-founder position based primarily on equity. We are looking for someone truly passionate about this project.

Internships: We love to work with young people or people who aren’t so young and are making a career change. We are open to interns in the areas of marketing, social media, creative development, research, and business administration. There is plenty to do. Gangly Sister’s experienced team will ensure that you learn a TON about business, marketing, and innovation.

Marketing lead: As we release our products, we’ll need a results-oriented marketing lead. You must have excellent English writing skills, enjoy social media, have an inviting personality, and be great with marketing analytics. Most of our sales will be online or through downloads, so you need to be the kind of person who is more excited by conversion rates than press coverage. This is open as a co-founder position.

Other: If you read this far, didn’t find a job that fits you, and you still want to join us, go ahead, apply. The first requirement is a couple of paragraphs on why we should work together, so you might be able to convince us.

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  1. Laurie Aaronson

    I am wondering if you are still looking for a game/app product lead person. I am very interested in talking more about how I might become a part of your team.

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