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Who are you?

It’s a little weird for a bunch of people with no background in comic books, toys, or video to just show up and make some comic books. We are concerned parents, just like you. If we couldn’t find great media for our children, we were just going to create it. Find out more about us on the team page. And, by the way, if you have a dream pursue it.

Are my kids safe on this site?

Yes. We have a fully-moderated forum. No posts are allowed without our personal review. That requires a lot of work from us and we’re a bootstrapped endeavor. If you want to volunteer to be a community manager of just help a bit with the moderation, we’d really appreciate the assistance. Write to office@ganglysister.com to tell us about yourself and why you want to be a moderator.

I love Purple and Nine! (TM) How can I help you succeed!

So glad you asked!! Please share with anyone you know would be interested, share on your social networks, and follow along. Join our mailing list, and buy our stuff.

Where did the idea for Purple and Nine come from?

Well, that all depends on your belief system. We do believe in a higher power, and we don’t have any better explanation. Ofer, our creative director, is actually an artist, but none of the rest of us has ever really invented a fictional character before. Apparently, if you get upset enough about a situation, all kinds of ideas come into your brain.

How did you come up with the names Purple and Nine?

See previous answer.

We came up with Purple and Nine pretty much the same as we came up with the names for the children we gave birth to. Miriam and Rebecca were sitting together and talking and they just made it up. For the record, we each came up with names for our children talking to our respective husbands, not by talking to one another.

Is Purple and Nine educational?

Um, maybe. We aren’t educators. We have technology and entrepreneurship backgrounds. We’d like to think that kids will learn something from our comics and video, but we don’t think they need to. We don’t explain much about our technology, but we do provide links for further information and there’s always Google.

Purple and Nine is about creating inspiring role models for children and teaching them “why” technology would be a good career path. We aren’t telling girls (or boys) “you can do it”. Of course they can. But why should they? Why would they want to? Purple and Nine shows examples of how technology can save the world.

What is the schedule for releasing more comic books?

We are releasing the first 3 in the summer of 2015. Once we reach our sales targets,. we will put a staff in place to create a comic book every 2 weeks by the end of 2015. It takes some time and funding to ramp up. But hey, if we sell a million comic books, we’ll ramp up a whole lot faster, so spread the word.

When are you going to make apps and videos?

See answer above. It takes time to ramp up the company. Buy our stuff! We’ll ramp up faster with more customers! With more customers, an investor might come along and help us grow even faster!

What's Gangly Sister

Gangly Sister LLC owns all the rights to Purple and Nine. We are a legal, privately-owned entity incorporated in the United States.

Who are your investors?

We have no investors at this time. We prioritized creating a product and didn’t take time out for fundraising. We also wanted to preserve 100% of our creative freedom, so we did it all ourselves.

What about boys? Why is Purple and Nine for girls?

Is there some reason a boy wouldn’t watch Purple and Nine? We think they are great role models for anyone.

Obviously, Purple and Nine were created specifically to break the stereotypes of girl who are interested only in boys, fashion, and celebrity. We wanted to show girls that they could be anything, and create the heroines we believe today’s media is missing.

We want to create role models for boys, too. We are equally frustrated with our boys being raised on role models that emphasize violence and physical power rather than teamwork, communication and ingenuity. That’s next.

What is the vision for Purple and Nine®?

Purple and Nine was created with the vision to encourage our children to become the heroines of their own lives. We want to encourage children, especially girls, to dream about careers in engineering, technology and medicine. It’s our belief that one of the main reasons we have fewer women in the STEM field is because they don’t have great role models as children.

A secondary vision is to create fabulous characters that do not depend on violence to resolve their problems. We also wanted female characters that aren’t overly prissy or overly sexualized.

When will the pilot episode be out?

The pilot episode is scheduled for January 2014, and we will be raising money through crowdfunding (Indiegogo).

What is crowdfunding? What is Indiegogo?

Crowdfunding means that instead of looking for big investors, anyone can chip in to fund the production of Purple and Nine. If you love the program, you can make sure it continues by contributing to the campaign. You also get cool prizes for contributing and various levels.

Paying for content is something people do all the time, whether it’s buying a movie ticket, downloading music or video iTunes, or just paying your cable company. You can contribute whatever you feel is comfortable for you. Even at $4, we have prizes.

Plus, of course, our eternal gratitude. We have more eternal gratitude than you can fathom for our fans and our community who have really come through for us.

How can I help other than contributing actual money?

Spread the word! Share Purple and Nine with everyone you can think of who would enjoy it!

Enough people viewing this video will show interest, and allow us to get great corporate sponsorships.

When will the next episodes be out following the pilot?

As soon as we reach our funding goal, we will begin production of the next episodes. We expect approximately 12 weeks after the funding closes we will be able to release the following episodes. When they are released, we will be releasing them at 1-week intervals, or as fast as we can.

How many Purple and Nine® episodes will there be and how often will they come out?

We will make a minimum of 5 episodes. Each episode costs approximately $10,000 to produce, so the exact number depends on how much funding we are able to raise.

How long will the episodes be?

Each episode will be approximately 5 minutes long.

Why does it take so long to create each episode?

Dude! It takes Pixar 3-5 years and $180 million dollars to make a movie! We are putting out 3D animation in less than half that time, with a staff of 6.

However, if you really want us to hurry up, feel free to make a bigger contribution on our Indiegogo campaign so we can hire some more folks and produce the episodes faster.

What kind of community are you building around Purple and Nine?

We will be building a community for girls who are fans of Purple and Nine. Purple and Nine each have e-mail addresses, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Tumblr and Instagram. Of course, they don’t take many selfies! Purple and Nine are looking forward to interacting with their fans.

Of course, we are active on our blog, and have an adult community of parents and entrepreneurs who are excited about the prospects of having more women in the STEM fields.

Over time, we have visions for an app where people can interact and even create their own episodes and share them with the community.

You mentioned an app. What kind of app? When will it come out?

We will be working together with a user group to create an app that will allow you to manipulate the characters, create and share your own scripts. The timing of the app really does depend on funding.

How are you going to make money from this?

The business models for cartoons and animated content are established and we are not planning on doing anything radically different. Initially, we are looking at merchandising, corporate sponsorships and premium memberships. We’ll also be looking at syndication and other types of distribution. If you want more information about our business models, we prefer that you contact us directly about it.

Who are the paid staff on the team?

At this time, none of the staff are paid. The only paid people are the sub-contractors who are not on the founder’s page, though some do have credits in the video.

How can I interact with Purple and Nine?

Email Purple: purple@ganglysister.com

Email Nine: nine@ganglysister.com

Twitter Purple: @purple_gangly

Twitter Nine: @nine_gangly

Facebook Purple: Facebook

Facebook Nine: Facebook

Do the actresses reply to e-mail sent to Purple and Nine?

Usually the scriptwriters respond, but the actresses definitely have input. To be perfectly honest, the actresses spend most of their time in school, so they just can’t get to all the mail. You can mail them directly. See the Team page for contact info.

What are Purple and Nine’s last names?

Purple Isoceles

Nine Helix

Who is the target audience?

The target audience for Purple and Nine is girls aged 8-12, but of course anyone can watch it.

We targeted this age, because, developmentally, it is an age of exploration, when girls and boys are most adventurous and ready to explore new possibilities.

Is Purple and Nine only for girls?

No. We believe that Purple and Nine are universally-relatable characters that anyone can love. We think that it is OK for boys to like technology and skateboarding, like Purple. It is OK for boys to be concerned about global warming and reptiles, like Nine.

Is it edutainment?

Ick. No, it’s just fun.

Where are the bad guys?

All of the founders of Gangly Sister have faced problems in their lives, but none of them have ever met the “bad guys.” We felt there were enough problems to solve without having to invent new ones.

More to the point, if there are evil villains, we would have to take violent means to stop them. We aren’t into that. Fortunately, every one of the founders has learned to overcome their own difficulties in life without violence, so we know how to build a plot around that.

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