SillyGSTeamPICThe idea for Gangly Sister Productions came when founders Miriam and Rebecca asked the burning question “If those dudes can raise 5 million dollars for that startup idea, why can’t we?”

This intellectual inquiry led to questions such as “Why are there so few women entrepreneurs?”, “What would really inspire us?”, “Why is Power Puff girls the same as all boys’ superhero shows, just with pink characters?”

For some reason, at that time, we felt that the logical answer to all of those questions was “Let’s make an animated series for tween girls.”

That’s how Purple and Nine were born.

Let’s face it. Guys haven’t done such the optimal job when it comes to running the world.

We need some new superheroes.

We call those superheroes “you and me”. Some of these superheroes are wonks and nerds, inventing cures for diseases and environmentally-friendly packaging. Some are just regular people, standing up for what they believe, or following their passion.

Unfortunately, very little of the media reflects the values our children need to grow into superhero adults. Gangly Sister is changing that.

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Purple and Nine is different because:

  • There are no bad guys in our stories. Purple and Nine have to be innovative and solve regular problems in their lives. We have enough problems to solve, don’t you?
  • Purple and Nine revolves around technology but not in a geeky way; just the way all of our lives revolve around technology. The girls use apps, a 3D printer, and new inventions to solve their problems. Don’t you?
  • Purple and Nine are multi-dimensional. They aren’t idealized good-girls, mean-girls, geek-girls, sports-girls, or any of those other categories we are supposed to fall into. They know that you can love math and also love cuddly pets. We want our girls to embrace all the parts of their personality, don’t you?
  • Purple and Nine are best friends. If you are a girl or a woman, you do things with your best friend. Don’t you?
  • Purple and Nine care about the world. They care about bullying in their class, about pets with no homes, and about child labor in sweat shops. Our children know what is going on in the world, and they want to do something about it. Don’t you?