Our children’s self-image and confidence are being attacked every single day in the media. Themes of power, celebrity and sexuality are hijacking our attention and limiting our children’s imaginations as to what they could be or do in the future.

Purple and Nine were born to open up opportunities for girls and kids in general. While being entertaining, relatable, and funny, Purple and Nine communicates a number of key themes:

  • Every girl or woman is an individual with her own way of expressing herself. None of our characters fall into typical stereotypical buckets, and all of them have different facets of their personalities.
  • Technology, science and engineering are portals to solving problems on small and large scale. Technology isn’t just for geeks. It’s for anyone who wants to make a change in the world.
  • You are not likely to get things right on the first try, and, in fact you might not even be asking the right question. The magic formula for success is trying a lot of different things and having a sense of humor about failure.
  • Entertainment doesn’t need to be dumbed-down for kids to get it or for it to gain a large audience. (You can definitely help us here and spread the word!)
  • We are working on comic book in 2015, and as we proceed, we’ll be doing more video and some online games and apps as well – obviously, on the condition you love (and buy) lots of comic books.

Are my kids safe as fan club members?for_parater

Our online community and fan club is currently free of charge to kids. It’s also pretty basic.

We’re not going to pretend we are something we aren’t. We’re a small company with a huge idea. Our fan area is modest. When a child joins the members area, they are allowed to use first name only or create a fake name, and they can participate in very simple text forums (no live chat).

The forums are safe and fully-moderated. Kids can share ideas and talk to Purple and Nine. Both the voice actresses and the cartoonists and writers are active in responding to your kids. The main purpose of our forums is to provide a safe place where kids can talk and share, and where we can learn what you and your children want to see more of with Purple and Nine.

Can I join the members forum?

If you want to hang out with kids, sure, but you will be booted if we suspect anything inappropriate. We will err on the safe side, for the safety of your kids.
As a parent, we suggest you participate on our Facebook page, through our @GanglySister twitter account, or comment on the blogs on the Gangly Sister website.

Why Purple and Nine?

Our founders come from the worlds of technology and entrepreneurship, and we asked the question of why there are so few women in tech. Ultimately, it’s not enough to know you are capable of being a great programmer. You need to have a great reason to choose a career, and we aren’t giving girls (or anyone, frankly), something to dream of when it comes to a career in technology.

We know that the world’s problems aren’t going to be solved when we “triumph over evil.” All of us know that issues such as global warming, hunger, and disease are going to be resolved through better technology.

How can you help?

Thank you for asking. We are so glad to have you as part of our community.
The most straightforward way to help is to buy our stuff. Honestly, though, how many copies of a digital comic or a T-shirt do you need? Once you’ve done that, please share with other parents and kids who would love Purple and Nine and also buy our stuff.

If you are reading us, you know that this kind of entertainment is worth supporting. When you share our message or buy our content, you are telling the big media companies that you want to see more smart entertainment for kids, more girls in the media, and more variety for your children.

And, by all means, stay in touch. We encourage you to contact us if you want to work with us on any joint ventures or if you just have feedback for us.

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